Hemp Macrame Bracelet with Turquoise Rondelle, White Jade and Button Closure/Semi-Precious Gemstones/Natural $16.00 USD

This bracelet is bright and balanced with Turquoise and White Jade on natural hemp.  Both White Jade and Turquoise are considered healing stones.  Beautiful and powerful!

Equipped with a translucent white button, this bracelet is 7 1/2 inches tip to tip.
Recommended wrist sizes are 5 1/2″ (looser fit) – 6 1/2″ (snug fit)

~To measure your size accurately, take a piece of string and wrap it around your wrist. Cut the string and measure the length of the string with a ruler. This will give you your exact wrist size for a better fit!~

If you’re interested in a custom bracelet, I will gladly work out a special order for you. You can find my shop on Etsy or you can check out my About page for more ways to contact me.

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