What’s New for Signature Enchantment?

I’ve stopped posting every new item here.  I found through research that it could be hurting my shop’s ability to be found on Google.  I’m still not sure it’s coming up in searches, but I’ll get there.  Getting found is definitely a learning curve. 

Moving on, here is a quick catch up of what’s new in my shop!

I’m now shipping Internationally!

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Recently, I discovered how fun earrings are to make!  I have made many, but haven’t added them all to the shop yet.  It’s summer and I’m finding it hard to keep up with listings.  That’s ok though, because I’m my own boss.  The boss says it’s ok, go play with the kids.

Another option I’ve added in my shop is, metal stamped charms.  What does this mean?  I offer small stainless steel charms that can be customized with initials or names by hand stamping them.  So far, this has been a big hit!


I struggle a little with necklaces.  It’s one of my favorite pieces of jewelry, so I want to keep them all for myself! 

However, I have managed to add a few to my shop.  The first one is a lariat style necklace that has a stainless steel stampable charm ready for its new owner’s desired initials.  The second and third are bar necklaces.  I love them all.  

The spiked necklace is going to a lucky winner of the #summerblissgiveaway when the contest is over.

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Now to the newest bracelets added to my shop.  I LOVE trying new styles.  It’s been hard to stick to one. 

There is a theme though.  I found this out by doing a couple of craft shows.  COLOR!  Almost everyone commented on the variety of color I have among my collection.  I think they’re right.

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Well, that’s all for now! 

Don’t forget, I do custom orders! 

If you’d like a particular style of jewelry, would like a custom charm, something you see in my shop but a different size or color, or maybe you have a team of cheerleaders that you would like to give bracelets to and want them to all be the same. 

Whatever it is, don’t hesitate to ask.  I’ve gotten quite a few custom orders and I really enjoy working on them from start to finish!

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