Summer Fun and New Items for Signature Enchantment

It’s been a busy summer for myself and family.  We’ve had some crazy weather with highs in the 90’s only a few times.  Which is odd, but is ok with me.  I’d rather get out and about when it’s in the upper 70’s compared to the upper 90’s.  So listing new items is slow at best.

One of the things I did this summer, with the help of one of my best friends, is participate in a few craft shows.  They have been fun and a learning experience!  I’m not making a lot of money, but I’ve covered the fees and a little more.  My inventory is still a little small compared to other jewelry sellers I’ve met,  but I’ll get there.

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We had a day at the zoo.  It was another crazy weather day where it was hot, cold, rainy, warm, cool, wet, and dry all in one day.  We managed to have a nice day despite Mother Nature’s confusion.

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Saw Thomas Rhett at the fair.  Not the greatest seats, but I’ll take it.

Thomas Rhett
Thomas Rhett

Hiked the trails at the beach.  It’s the shortest of the trails, but it was a great workout regardless.

Uphill 019

Of course there is swimming.


Yard Sales too.


That’s a tiny glimpse of our summer fun.  Hopefully we can squeeze a bit more in before it’s time for school again.

I did manage to make a few things here and there.

One of those things, I’m very proud of.  It was for one of my best friends.  She is the person that kick started this whole jewelry  journey a year ago.

For her birthday I made her this necklace.  It’s made with a sterling silver chain and stainless steel heart pendant which has her birthstone and name hand stamped with love.

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This is another item I was very happy with, but it sold within in minutes of being posted on Instagram.  It’s an anklet made with sterling silver chain, cloud, and a stainless steel heart charm that I hand stamped with a set of feet.  I called it, “Feet in the Clouds”. 

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Last, but not least, here are some photos of the newer items I have yet to list.  They can still be purchased, so message me on Facebook if you are interested in something and haven’t found it on Etsy yet.

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Thanks for stopping in! 

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Happy Earth Day

Today, as we celebrate our Earth, think about the one thing you can do to make a difference in our planet’s health.  There are many ways to do so, but even putting into action just one thing, is a step in the right direction.  What will you do?  Plant a tree?  Plant food?  Start recycling or reusing?  Pick up random garbage?  Maybe ride your bike or walk instead of driving?  Teach a child about any of the above?

Whatever you do, remember one of the best motivators is actually being outside.  Enjoying what we are so fortunate to have.  Look past the bad and see the good.  This tiny ball in an infinite universe has worked hard to provide life, let’s work together to keep the life alive!


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Purple Rain BLAST Treasury on Etsy

Having a shop on Etsy comes with some perks.  One of the best perks is a FANTASTIC community.  Below is something Etsy calls a Treasury!  A Treasury is a collection of items that are chosen to be displayed together by a Curator aka Etsy Member.  This one was made by a fellow Team member from The Honest Assembly.  It’s a great team!  Teams are one of those community perks.  They are a group of people working as a collective toward a similar goal.  Usually promotion, but it can be creativity, similar location, learning, sharing, making new friends and much more.

More About Treasuries

How you choose the items, is up to you.  Your theme might be color (as below), types of items, price ranges, holidays, events, age group, etc.  Whatever you can dream up.  When you’re done picking, you can choose to post.  Once you’ve posted, your treasury is shared with the world.  Unless you mark it private.

Why?  For some it’s a creative outlet.  It doesn’t cost anything to have a membership or post treasuries.  You may have a shop or you may not. It can be a promotional tool as well.  Another way to get your product out there for everyone to see.   I think it’s pretty fun and beneficial at the same time, as I have a shop.  There is an added bonus of making Etsy’s front page.  If your treasury is picked, you are in the front of the line for the world to see.  Which will mean added views with the possibility of added sales.

You might be thinking…where do these items come from?  The answer is anywhere on Etsy.  If you do a search for blingy dog collars on Etsy and wanted to do a “Pet Treasury”, you would look through the search results and find the items you like the best and add it to the treasury.  You could include things like collars, photos, sweaters, and bowls.  Once again, do a search, and add those items.

When you click on the big Etsy logo on the top left hand side, scroll down toward the bottom left side and there will be the word Treasury, click it and you’re on your way.

I hope you enjoy it!  There are SO MANY unique things to find on Etsy.  I plan to post treasuries on a regular basis so you can get a glimpse of amazing creations.  Remember that Etsy sellers are bringing you either Handmade items from crafters in every perspective, Vintage items in every category you can imagine, and Craft Supplies in endless supply!

Purple Rain! BLAST Treasury!!! 4/11

Crochet Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal Plush and Bear Baby Lovie Blanket, Baby Lovey Blanket, Baby Security Blanket Set (Made to Order)

$50.00 USD



25  tanzanite purple 4mm bicone swarovski beads crystal beads beading supplies jewelry making supplies

$2.50 USD



Natural Amethyst- Necklace and Earring Set in Sterling Silver- Bridal Jewelry Set- February Birthday - Jewelry Gift Set

$70.00 USD



Purple Heart Soap, Japanese Cherry Blossom Glycerin and Shea Butter Soap, Shower Favor, Wedding Favor, Gift under 10

$5.50 USD



Purple Triple Wrap Around Bracelet with Pyramid Spikes & Rhinestone Crystal Spacers

$17.00 USD


Change Purse Wallet Zipper Fabric Orchid Teal Blue Credit Card Picket Key Ring

$14.00 USD



Lilac and yellow fabric flower. Fabric rose. Brooch flower.

$8.50 USD



Cloud Lavender - 2-Ply Fingering Weight Merino Wool Yarn - Hand-dyed, Handspun, Super Soft Wool Yarn - 160 yards

$18.00 USD



Crackling Firewood Cocoa Butter cold process soap

$4.00 USD



Color Butterfly Earrings, Spring Butterflies, Gift for Her, Spring Colors

$6.00 USD