Blue Lava Rock and Leather Macrame Bracelet with Button Closure / Unisex / Gemstone Jewelry $21.00 USD

This macramé bracelet has a nice contrast of bright blue Lava Rock and dark brown leather. It has a nice feel to it as well. Lava Rock is formed from molten rock being spewed up to the surface by a volcano. These gemstone beads have a unique appearance and texture and are growing popular in jewelry making. Lava beads are commonly associated with stability, anger dissipation and recovery from change.

Bracelet Details:
● Bracelet Length: Tip to tip = 9 1/2 inches
● Bead Type: Blue Lava Rock/Round/Rough
● Bead Size: 12mm
● Cord: Dark Brown Leather
● Closure: Blue Button

There are 2 button holes on this bracelet which gives it added sizing options.
● When buttoned in the hole furthest from the end, a 6 1/2″ wrist will be a slightly snug fit. Which means it is snug and it shouldn’t move around much, but it isn’t too tight.
● When buttoned in the last hole, a 7 1/2″ wrist will be a slightly snug fit.
● Wrist sizes below 5 1/2″ would have a very loose fit.

~To measure your size accurately, take a piece of string and wrap it around your wrist. Cut the string and measure the length of the string with a ruler. This will give you your exact wrist size for a better fit!~

If you’d like a different color or size, message me via Etsy Conversations about special order.

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