Cute Hemp Bracelet with Blue, Green, and Bronze Beads $13.00 USD

The blue and green glass beads are vintage.  I used a different kind of pattern on this bracelet.  I’m not sure what it would be called.  I also used bronze spacers and I think they look great next to the blue and green beads and match the cream/bronze hemp.

Enclosed with a big brown button this bracelet would be a great fit for wrist sizes 6 – 7 inches.   6″ for looser fit. 7″ for a snug fit.

If you’re interested in recreating this bracelet to your liking, I will gladly work out a special order for you. Whether it be a change in size, color, or material type. You can find my shop on Etsy. SignatureEnchantment

il_570xN_526183412_jp9v il_570xN_526183416_kdg2 il_570xN_526183502_shxu il_570xN_526246027_rrpw il_570xN_526246031_ouni



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